HR2 is composed  of 100% tungsten carbide grains.
• High abrasion resistance.
• Lifetime extended up to 60% more than hardfacing with chromium carbide.
• Perfectly even wear on the whole length
   of the part.

Exclusive with robot process, the deposit of HR2 is done by plasma transferred arc.
• The installation of this HR2 technique has requested a one-year-study to adapt it to wear parts for agriculture.

Technology derived from aeronautics and car industry.
• An innovative R&D Department.
• Agricarb is the unique European manufacturer to offer this protection for agricultural wear parts.

Robotic and industrialised deposition.
• Reliability of products.
• Regularity of the hardfacing.

Low weld dilution in the material.
• Optimum characteristics from the first deposit of HR2.
• Only one coat of harfacing is required.

Low heat impact of the harfaced part.
Fine coat of HR2.
• Slight decrease in the hardness of the material.
• No effect on the heat treatment.

Excellent surface condition.
• Low draft, fuel savings and dig better into the soil.
• Design and Aesthetics.

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